Sunday, July 31, 2011


210/365:2 by daisy plus three
210/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

It was so hot today, so it was pointless to have styled my hair today. Little did I know that after just minutes of being outside I was a sweaty mess and all signs of styled hair was gone. oh well.

We decided to take the el into the loop and just walk around some of the stores in the area. We ended up doing tons of walking and were really exhausted by the time we got home. And super sweaty too. But it was good to get out and enjoy a sunny summer day. It might have been hot, but before we know it we'll be complaining that it's cold and snowy.

209/365:2 /// Week 30 of 52

limited edition floral print summer 2010
I had hoped to take a better photo for my 52 Weeks project, but alas forgot to do one earlier in the week and was running out of time. These were the shoes I was wearing and I hadn't used them for a 52 Weeks photo yet this year (at least I don't think I have).

Friday, July 29, 2011

208/365:2 /// 297/365

Day 298
Lately Aubrey has been falling asleep for her late afternoon nap while she is playing with her toys in the playpen. One minute she's wide awake playing, the next she is sleeping, usually on top of a pile of toys.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


207/365:2 by daisy plus three
207/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Sometimes I hate trying to narrow down what photos I want to use. Frankly, I don't think I need to upload 5 photos of myself in one day, so I decided to narrow it down to two and do a diptych.

I gave myself a much needed trim and layer and overall reshaping of my hair today. As much as I love the guy who does my hair, I don't really want to spend $60-$70 for him to do what I can do...just a little touch up. I trimmed my bangs and added a few layers throughout the top to help with the shape. I also thinned out the underneath hair and the ends. My hair feels much better now and it's laying much nicer. Who would have thought that the inexpensive scissors and thinning shears I bought at Sally Beauty Supply YEARS ago would continue to help me save money here and there. I guess it's also good that I must have been a hairdresser in a past life to know what I'm doing and not be afraid of doing it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


206/365:2 by daisy plus three
206/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

mmm...polenta is good!

at least Aubrey's not as picky of an eater as Kenzie. I'll give K credit though, she did eat a couple of bites of polenta, but definitely not as much as I had hoped she would. Aubrey on the otherhand ate probably about a 1/4 cup of it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

205/365:2 /// 294/365

Day 295
It is hard trying to get a good shot of the girls together. Phew...

I think I took about 80 photos...just snapping away in hopes to get some good shots. If it wasn't Kenzie making a face, it was Aubrey. And getting them both to look at the camera AND sit still is getting harder. I'll take what I can get.

We went out and did a little shopping this afternoon. We headed out to Oak Brook and just walked around the mall. It was nice to get out for a few hours and just do some shopping, somewhere other than Target or the places here in the neighborhood at least. It was a nice day for it too, since it was warm, but not as hot as it was last week.

Monday, July 25, 2011


204/365:2 by daisy plus three
204/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

blythe dolls
Just a busy day today. Finished mopping the basement again, and just doing other things that needed to get done around here. Managed to get some baby booties sewn together. Still not finished, but hopefully in the next day or so I can have them finished.

I didn't have any ideas for photos today, and didn't take any photos all day. So a couple of neglected Blythes got their photo taken.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


203/365:2 by daisy plus three
203/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Woke up to another rainy morning. It was dark and gloomy, but did eventually clear up later in the day. After being inside most of the day, we went out for a little family walk in the evening. It was good to get out even though by the time we got back we were pretty sweaty. The dog was pretty tired too.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

202/365:2 /// 292/365

Day 292
Woke up this morning to water in the basement from the heavy rains we had overnight. Not fun at all. While John was at Kenzie's music class I was doing my best to get the water out. It wasn't that bad, just dirty. After he got home, he helped me with the mopping and getting things cleaned up. We still need to mop again, but the initial mopping is finished. At least we don't have a basement full of muddy, sludgy water. While the floor was drying we went out and had a late lunch at Hackney's in Printer's Row. One of our friend's was coming over in the evening, and after Kenzie had her fun playing with Brian, we got the kids in bed and then watched 'Factory Girl' with Sienna Miller. It was about Edie Sedgewick who was one of Andy Warhol's superstars and an It girl of the 60's. Though it was from a few years ago, I wanted to see it. I didn't really know what to expect, but I found it to be really interesting and good, despite what ultimately happened to her.

201/365:2 /// Week 29 of 52

Ugglebo clogs in robin blue with dark brown wood base
These are the clogs I originally ordered back in April. After lots of confusion, they finally arrived on Monday of this week. They fit MUCH better than the first pair, and are slightly wider than the free pair I got, which is nice since it means less break in time. They are also a lower heel height, so I can get more use out of them for every day and casual wear.

This might look like a duplicate in terms of the shoes I'm wearing, but these are a different style and are NOT the same clogs pictured in my photo from several weeks ago.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


200/365:2 by daisy plus three
200/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I was painting my nails this morning, and Kenzie wanted me to do hers. She chose pink, so I painted a thin coat on them. They looked so cute. Then she freaked out and threw a tantrum because she didn't want her nails painted pink. I had just done mine, so I really didn't want to get out the remover and mess mine up. I hoped she would forget about it after a few minutes, but she didn't. Her tantrum caused Aubrey to start crying, so they were both going at it. My nails ended up getting smudged so I had to redo them anyway (grrr) so I removed the pink from Kenzie's nails and suddenly all was better. I don't know why she hates nail polish so much. It looked so cute on her.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


199/365:2 by daisy plus three
199/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Derby Lite practice was cancelled this week since the temperatures are so hot, and the heat index is high. The practice space does not have good a/c. There is an air system, but it really does not get the temperatures cool. A few girls from my class were heading to Fleetwood to skate anyway. So I went with one of my friends. It was a good opportunity to work on crossovers. It was good agility training too, since there were tons of little kids skating around (and falling and cutting you off), so you had to be prepared to stop, swerve or go around. The Chicago Outfit roller derby team was coming in to practice at 9:00. We wanted to stick around and watch, but we couldn't. Maybe another time.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


198/365:2 by daisy plus three
198/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.


I really hate waiting around. Especially when someone tells you they will be there at a certain time, and then it's half an hour later than the latest time they gave you (ie. between 6 and 6:30 and showing up at 7). Anyway, I realized as I was waiting that I did not take a photo for today. So you get a boring photo of my eye.

Monday, July 18, 2011

197/365:2 /// 287/365

Day 287
I just think these little jelly sandals are too cute on Aubrey's feet.

It was a scorcher today. Hot and humid. At least I have a/c I can hide in. I walked the dog sometime around 2:30. There was a little bit of a breeze, but there was no way we were going to stay out for a long walk.

The kids were really wound up this afternoon into the evening, so after dinner we just went for a drive around the city to calm everyone down. I think they were tired of being cooped up inside. Maybe tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, we'll see about using the kiddie pool in the backyard.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


196/365:2 by daisy plus three
196/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I gave Kenzie some blank paper (I was working on some patterns) and she started doing all these little drawings. She wanted to hang them up. I strung a piece of some jute twine across the wall and put some clothes pins on it. Since we had just been to the Art Institute on Friday, she had that fresh in her mind and she was calling this the museum. I think she was having a lot of fun making art and then hanging it up.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


195/365:2 by daisy plus three
195/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

My brother is house and dog sitting this weekend for some of his friends in the suburbs. They have a pool, so he invited us over to come swimming. I haven't gone swimming since my parents had a pool (they took it down years ago...maybe 10 years ago?). As a kid when we had a pool, we would spend hours in it. We'd swim, go have lunch, take a little break, swim some more, have dinner and probably swim some more. We had so much fun.

We headed off around noon and spent a few hours there. I was hoping Kenzie would love it, but she was scared and only wanted to sit in a raft that she was calling a boat. We had Aubrey in the "boat" too. We tried putting arm wings on Kenzie to see if she would feel safer, but she didn't like that either. So she sat with Grandma and Grandpa watching us swim. Oh well. I think she had fun even though she didn't really want to swim.

Friday, July 15, 2011


194/365:2 by daisy plus three
194/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

art institute of chicago
modern wing
John was off work today, so I suggested going to the Art Institute and visiting the modern wing, since we hadn't done that in a long time. So off we went with the kids. We spent a few hours at the museum, then headed over to Millennium Park where we visited Cloud Gate aka "The Bean". We had a light lunch at the Plaza at Park Grill, then headed north on Michigan Avenue toward Navy Pier. On our way toward the pier we saw the new Marilyn Monroe statue that was just unveiled today in front of the NBC towers. We went on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier (a first for the girls), walked around a bit, had some gelato and then hopped on a water taxi (also a first for the girls and for us too) that took us over to Sears Tower/Union Station. We walked home from there. It was a busy day, but a good day. We enjoyed lots of sunshine, exercise, and spending time doing lots of things that we don't do very often even though we live here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


193/365:2 by daisy plus three
193/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Not much to write about today. Just did things around the house, went for a little 2+ mile walk, did more stuff around the house, went to dinner with John and the kids at Three Aces (yes...again), came home and did more stuff around the house, put the kids to bed, and now editing photos.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

192/365:2 /// 282/365

Day 282
I know a photo of her standing on her own is probably more worthy of her 365 (since I have a photo like that from today), but I just really like her expression in this.

It was much cooler outside today than it has been, so we could finally get some fresh air in the house again. Maybe it was all that fresh air, but the kids were really wound up today. Well, Kenzie was really wound up today. I swear that kid acted like she was full of sugar and caffeine. Thankfully, I had derby tonight, so I could escape for a few hours. John said that the fresh air must have tired them out, since they both went to bed without any problems. Yay!

So we did a time trial tonightat derby practice. Three of us went and a time and we skated 3 laps. My time was 42.9 seconds. I really want to work on my speed and make some improvements with it. I know if I was doing crossovers I would have done better, but I was just thinking about not falling and getting a decent time. Just something else to work on for next time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


191/365:2 by daisy plus three
191/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

So I was impatient and opted to do a reddish blonde over all of my hair today. I had a lot of reddish tones in the blonde already, and decided to go ahead and do an all over color so that it would all blend together better. I think it blends much better than how it looked before.

These were taken in natural light and you can see the color is more of a strawberry blonde and not quite as orange.


190/365:2 by daisy plus three
190/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Celebrating her real birthday on the 11th with cupcakes from Sunday's party.


189/365:2 by daisy plus three
189/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I'm still catching up on photos for the past few days. I had a lot of photos to sort through that I took on Sunday. Yesterday was Kenzie's 3rd birthday, but we celebrated on Sunday at my parent's house. It was also my grandma's birthday the weekend before, so we had a combined party. Having it at my parent's house also meant that my grandpa could be there, even just for a little bit. He can't do the drive to Chicago anymore, and my grandma would not want to be away from him for too long, so it was just easier to just have it in Crown Point.

Monday, July 11, 2011

188/365:2 /// Week 27 of 52

Several months ago I had ordered a pair of clogs and after they arrived I realized they were the wrong style (I took photos and they were in my 365 or 52 weeks project). I contacted the company and they were quick to fix the situation. I just had to send the pair I had back and a new pair would be made. I followed up and I had believed they were in production, but after a follow up last week I was told that my clogs were not in production. Long story short, it was an error on their side so they offered to either cancel the order if I didn't want to wait or if I wanted to wait it out even longer for the pair I originally ordered I could and they would send me a complimentary pair of in stock clogs. Well, it was pretty obvious I would take the free shoes option. ;) So here they are, my free clogs. I guess I probably should have sized up, since they are a touch snug, but they are breaking in just fine. I normally wear a 9, and these are a 9.5-10. I really didn't think I needed a 10.5-11, but maybe in Swedish-made clogs I do. Lengthwise these are fine, just a tad narrow. They feel fine though, and they are leather so I know they'll stretch a bit the more I wear them.

Friday, July 08, 2011


187/365:2 by daisy plus three
187/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I went for a little outdoor skate this afternoon with the kids. It was hot out, so I only managed to do just over 3 miles. I probably could have skated longer if I wasn't pushing the stroller, but I think 3 miles is pretty good. Derby Lite is hoping to do a redo of the 10 mile American Cancer Society skate, since it was rainy and cold that day. A lot of the ladies did the 5 mile walk in the rain that day instead, and a good number of us skated 10 miles the week before. Having another day to skate with the derby girls will be fun though.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


186/365:2 by daisy plus three
186/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I had derby practice last night, and it was really hot. I brought two 32 oz. water bottles with me and both were finished off before I even got home. I drank another 32 ounces after I got home, but regardless of how much water I had, I still had a headache this morning. I guess I just sweated out more water than I could replenish. It was a good practice though. We worked on crossovers for most of the practice, and then at the end we did a double weaving paceline....weaving with our partner. At first it seemed kind of crazy because people were tripping and falling, but I got through with my partner without any problems, and it was a lot of fun.

Today we just took it easy. Yesterday I had a moment of breakthrough with Kenzie and her potty training, but unfortunately after she finally used the potty, she wet two pairs of underpants and wanted nothing to do with the potty. We're going to keep at it, even though it's been frustrating.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


185/365:2 by daisy plus three
185/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Kenzie was having a picnic outside with her friends. She had a blanket on the ground, and then she lined up all her little guys on the bench. She was having a good ol' time just hanging out on the patio.

184/365:2 /// 274/365

9 months old!
Day 274
Week 39
Aubrey turned 9 months old. It is hard to believe in only a few more months she will already be a year old. Lately she has started standing on her own (without holding anything) for a few seconds before she falls down. I don't remember Kenzie doing that at only 9 months. She still only has two teeth on the bottom. The top teeth have not cut through yet. By this age, Kenzie already had a couple bottom teeth and a couple of her top teeth too. I guess, they will come through when they're ready.

Monday, July 04, 2011


183/365:2 by daisy plus three
183/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

union park gymnasium
ashland & lake
chicago, il
we went for a walk in the afternoon, since it was so nice out. we didn't really have a plan on where we were going, but ended up at union park. kenzie saw the playground so she wanted to go and play. we let her run around for a little bit before we headed off again. she loves playgrounds, and it's a good way for her to socialize with other kids. she's not shy at all. when I told her she might go to preschool over here, she was really excited. she was really upset when she had to get back in the stroller, because she thought she was going to school that day. hopefully, when it is time for school, the first day won't be too traumatic for her.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

182/365:2 /// banksy buggy

Not sure how long this Banksy buggy piece has been here, but I know it's been awhile. We've driven by it so many times and have even been in the area on foot, but it wasn't until tonight that I finally checked it out myself. We had dinner across the street, so headed over to see it afterwards. Unfortunately, someone sprayed something over it, but at least I got to snap some photos before it gets any worse. Not sure when the person was added. There was a clown nearby too.

Friday, July 01, 2011


170/365:2 by daisy plus three
170/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Somehow I missed posting day 169 and day 170 onto blogger. It looks like I might have missed a few from June too. For all the photos, go to my flickr page.
lincoln park zoo
chicago, il
"impromptu trip to the zoo"

We didn't have anything planned for today. John was working on some things for work, but around noon he asked if we wanted to go to the zoo for a couple of hours. Once Kenzie heard him say zoo all she kept saying was "I want to see the lions! roarrrr". This time we did some different things. John took Kenzie on the carousel and we visited the farm. We walked around and saw some of the other animals too. The last few times we have gone, the polar bear was nowhere to be found. We were hoping to see him swimming around today, but no such luck. I'm convinced the polar bear does not exist anymore, but they aren't telling anyone. I don't think we've seen him since last summer, and we've been to the zoo at least 3 times since then.


169/365:2 by daisy plus three
169/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Somehow I missed posting day 169 and day 170 onto blogger.
I was at a wedding shower for my husband's cousin yesterday at the East Bank Club. They had special cocktails, so I had to have one. It was pretty tasty.

181/365:2 /// Week 26 of 52

Saltwater Sandals in orange
Just a quiet day today. John was away for a few days for work and came home last night, so he was off work today. We went for brunch at a place we hadn't been to in awhile, and then basically spent the rest of the day at home. After dinner we headed over to the park to enjoy the remaining bits of sun. Once the kids were in bed, John and I finally had a chance to sit down and watch "The King's Speech", which I thought was a really well done movie. I've never been a huge Colin Firth fan, but the last few movies I have seen of his have made me change my mind. Geoffrey Rush was great in his role as well.