Sunday, January 31, 2010


"my life is for living
I'll spend on giving you
all that I can
my heart and my hand"

- go sailor, together forever in love -

It was family-style here at the HQ this weekend. We had my parents over yesterday, and John's parents were over today. Kenzie didn't nap at all either day. She's been asleep for the last hour, and if she stays sleeping through the night, I know tomorrow will be an early day. I'm not a morning person at all, so she doesn't normally go to sleep until 8:30 or 9:00. I'm really hoping this weekend has her nice and worn out and she'll catch up on her missed sleep tonight, rather than waking up early tomorrow. I'm guessing it won't happen that way though.

I'm also breaking my own personal rule for my 365 by using a photo with K in it. I just didn't love the other photos that I took for today as much I liked this one.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


30/365 january 30
Originally uploaded by daisy plus three
"Cheated by
The opposite of love
Held on high
From up up up above
Kept my high
From the second one
Kept my eye
On the first one"

- yeah yeah yeahs, cheated hearts -

My parents stopped by today to see the baby...and us. My mom brought these heart shaped Valentine's cookies. I wasn't sure what my 365 photo would be for today, then I saw the cookies, and decided they would work for today's shot.

Friday, January 29, 2010

29/365 | it's in the details

"Paint my heart
black and blue
in the portrait
that you said you'd do
sitting by the window sill
where the sunbeams
melt my daydreams
flowers fade away
and the colors turn to gray
paint me blue
like the sky
blend into the background
as the birds fly by
the landscape smeared
by my falling tears
I'll close my eyes
until this storm clears
no umbrellas keep out this rain
no soft clouds cushion my pain
little drops left their stain
on the picture frame
watercolors bleeding
from my broken heart
let my tears dry
with the paint"

- the postmarks, watercolors -

Date night with the husband...and baby. We're just going for some Italian food at one of our favorite restaurants in the city, Francesca's on Taylor. I think the last time we were there was over the summer. Before Kenzie was born, we went there several times a month and the waiters knew us. They still recognize us, but we aren't regulars anymore. I guess that's ok.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

28/365 | january 28

"He said dance for me, fanciulla gentile
He said laugh awhile, I can make your heart feel
He said fly with me, touch the face of the true God
And then cry with joy at the depth of my love"

- pj harvey, the dancer -

When I was a little my mom wanted to have me take ballet or tap classes, but I was too shy and didn't want to do it. I wish I wasn't so shy. Sometimes I wonder how things would have been if I did take those classes. I wonder if I would have wanted to be a dancer.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"It's not enough to believe! Don't you see that, you stupid girl? You could spend your whole life hoping and believing! If a love affair is one-sided, then it's only ever a question, never an answer. You can't live your life waiting for an answer."

- sophie kinsella, twenties girl: a novel -

I had planned to take a photo while I was out for a walk with the dog and baby, and had even brought the camera along, but it was just too cold, and we did a quick loop around the park and came straight home. So instead, you get to see what I am currently reading. I enjoy Sophie Kinsella books (Confessions of a Shopaholic) and they are a good break from some of the books I have just finished reading. I just re-read 'The Lovely Bones' and before that had read 'Her Fearful Symmetry', 'The Kommandant's Girl' and 'Handle With Care'. Unfortunately, I am just not really loving this book. I'm more than 75% finished, and I'm pretty certain I know what is going to happen by the end. It's just predictable, and the main character is driving me crazy. She doesn't say or do what she really wants to do, and it's just really annoying. Hopefully, I can finish this book in the next day or two and move onto something I'll enjoy more.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


"Take one, to come
Doctor's orders, no more borders
Take one, make some
Feeling bolder, no more disorder

Mother's not to blame
She's feeling no pain
Doesn't feel the drain
She says it's not her brain"

- sonic youth, doctor's orders -

I had to take Kenzie to the doctor for her 18-month check up today. I know that it's pretty common to have to wait awhile before actually seeing the doctor, but today was longer than usual. Appointment was at 11:00, we didn't get called into the room until almost noon, and then we didn't actually leave the office until almost 1:00. The whole waiting room was just filled, and it seemed that most of the people waiting were waiting with sick kids. Nothing quite like waiting in the waiting room with a healthy baby and being surrounded by lots of sick kids.

Monday, January 25, 2010


"Where is my mind?

Way out in the water
See it swimmin'"

- the pixies, where is my mind -

I almost wasn't going to do a Bench Monday today, but then I had this thought to do a Blythe Edition. So this is my Bench Monday shot with all of my Blythe dolls. When I look at it like this, I, indeed, do wonder where is my mind? I mean, seriously, that is a lot of dolls. hmmm...I really should stop looking to buy any others, since I think this is more than enough. But as other Blythe (and doll) people know we can never have too many. :)

Happy Bench Monday!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


"I feel the pain of everyone
Then I feel nothing"

- dinosaur jr, feel the pain -

Too much frustration with certain things today. I'm not going into it here, but the day has not been that great. Things have calmed down now, but sometimes frustration still lingers.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


"A former lover told me you've always had a swallow tattoo
Now you tell me it's a sign of devotion
But devotion to who?"

- the long blondes, swallow tattoo -

I don't have a swallow tattoo, so don't be fooled by the song title. I do have an owl though and a daisy with butterflies. I got the owl tattoo just over 2 months ago, and had a couple of butterflies added to my original daisy and butterfly design done at the same time. The work was done by Dawn Grace at The Tattoo Factory, and she cleaned up/fixed my original ink while I was there.

Friday, January 22, 2010


song of the day:
the divine comedy, I've been to a marvelous party

Tonight we had some friends over for dinner. We had planned to go out, but we couldn't get reservations at the restaurant we planned to go to at a reasonable time, so we decided to just cook and have everyone here. It worked out better this way because we could put the baby to sleep at her normal time, but still enjoy the company of our friends. I set the table and served bacon wrapped dates and bacon wrapped scallops for apps, and John made his rigatoni and sausage for the main course. And of course there was wine, and in the course of the evening, we went through 6 bottles of wine, and one bottle of port. Most of that was enjoyed by the "boys".

Thursday, January 21, 2010


song of the day:
the jealous girlfriends, haircut

I went and got my haircut today. I decided to stop growing it out. It was just so blah and boring, so I went in and got it chopped off into a short, layered, more punky and modern cut. So much happier with this cut than what I had going on. I need to remind myself that longer hair is not for me. This haircut just might be my favorite cut from the last couple of years.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"wind her up
and she cries real tears
rock this baby
through the tender years
you just pull the string and she does her thing
you'll have a walking, talking baby doll"

- alex chilton, baby doll -

Most of my flickr contacts already know this, but I collect dolls. Not just any kind of doll. Typically Blythe dolls, which is in my photo, but also other types of asian made dolls, like Lati, Pullips, Dals, Fairyland. My obsession started 2 years ago. The doll in the photo is my first Blythe doll. She arrived here in February of 2008. Like most Blythe collectors we all say we will just have one, but that number usually never stays at one. All in all I have had 17 Blythe dolls in my house. I've sold two, and a couple were gifts. My husband is a little creeped out by all the dolls, but I keep them in my sewing room, so he doesn't have to see them very often.

Anyway, this is Astrid my Mod Molly Blythe doll, and ironically she was my Valentine's gift from my husband. He didn't really want to buy me a doll for Valentine's Day, but it was what I wanted. He still doesn't really understand what it is about these dolls that makes me (and my dolly friends) so crazy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"You think the birds are pretty
and you sleep eight hours a night.
And I'm fog, out of the city,
and still you stake it all.
And trains stop for you and so do the boys,
when you run your fingers through your hair.
But resistance is futile."

- say hi to your mom, blah blah blah -

Kenzie and I both got new shoes today. I don't need to spend a lot of money on my shoes all the time. Just some of the time. These were just some cheapies from Target, but they are super cute.

Monday, January 18, 2010


"You'll breathe
through holes in the trees
Never suffer the heat.
Living under the sea
we'll grow fins for our feet."

- the oranges band, finns for our feet -

Two friends came over today with their little girl, so Kenzie had a little playdate. I love watching her play with other kids close to her age. We don't have too many friends with kids, so it's nice when we have the chance to let her play. This was also the first time Kenzie and I met little Josie, and the girls got along really well. Josie is only 14 months, but they played really well together and it was nice to see Kenzie sharing her toys so well. Hopefully, we'll get to have another playdate soon.

* For anyone following my stream, the parents knew that Kenzie just got over a cold. Their little one just got over one too, so we were all on the same page. *

Sunday, January 17, 2010


"I could never be what you want me to be.
I'm just gonna leave you disappointed."

- ivy, disappointed -

I don't really have anything to say today. This song choice has nothing to do with the photo. It was just a feeling I have had today. The clementines on the other hand are tasty, and not a disappointment at all.

On a side note: I should have done the 30 songs in 30 days challenge this month, since I have been on a roll with using a song everyday with my photo. Oh well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


"There was no way out, the only way out was to give in
There was no way out, the only way out was to give in
How I love to give in

Here no one sleeps, one lays up while the other lies down
Where no one sleeps, one lays up while the other lies down
Ask the line on your face what the line on your hand meant
We couldn't see what was coming

Shake your head it's empty
Shake your hips move your feet
Shake your head it's empty
Shake your hips move your feet

I'm so glad that I'm an island now

Sickness was fixing me some
Coughed out my heart in the last stall
Now that the damage is done
I never miss it at all"

- metric, empty -

Still dealing with a sick baby. She never really has gotten that sick before. You can just look at her eyes and know she is not well. We're keeping close tabs on her to make sure it does not get worse. Right now it seems to just be a cold. I just want to make sure it does not turn into the flu. Poor thing was awake off and on all night, which meant we were awake off and on all night too. I am so in need of a nap, but I had some errands to run, and I know that the moment I fall asleep, she'll probably wake up again. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday, January 15, 2010


"There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye.
Hey hey, my my."

- neil young, hey hey, my my -
* currently listening to the close lobsters version

She will kill me one day when she realizes I posted this all over the internet, but I think this photo sums up how she was feeling today. She does not feel good, stuffy and runny nose. She ate a little lunch, but didn't seem to really want to eat, so I put her down for her nap. I hope she sleeps off whatever bug she has. I was so happy she never really caught any of the colds/flu that I had, but it looks like it might have caught up to her now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


"Oh we could rock
Or we could bomb
Or we could try
Like super hard"

- le tigre, let's run -

First off, when searching for the song and lyrics I wanted to use for this photo, I got so thrown off, because when you actually listen to the song titled "let's run" it's actually the song "my my metrocard". Then I remembered that the titles didn't match the songs on part of the cd. So if you search for this song, you may or may not get the correct song.

Anyway, today's picture is of my running shoes. They used to be so clean, but I use them a lot, and well keeping white trainers clean is near impossible. So even though they may look poor, they are still good shoes and are probably the best trainers I have for running. I think I'm due for a new pair actually. Before I started running/jogging I would wear these when walking around the neighborhood while pushing the stroller and walking the dog. They just give me this extra bounce in my step and I always feel like doing a little jog when I wear these. Unfortunately jogging with a stroller that is not a jogger stroller is not practical, and my dog does not jog. My dog runs. She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Ridgebacks are very fast dogs. I don't run that fast.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


currently listening to:
post honeymoon, self-titled

A couple of weeks ago, communications began for a custom order for baby booties. Today I finally finished the order. I just finished taking photos for the client, and will post those soon. I have days where I feel like sewing, and then I have days where I know I should, but I just don't feel like it. I think part of it has to do with having to sew when my 18-month old daughter is sleeping. The other part of it is just procrastination. And the internet. The internet does not help with procrastination.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


currently listening to:
archer prewitt, gerroa songs

I didn't plan on using another sp for my 365 photo, but I liked how this turned out, even if I was just testing out the diana lens.

On January 1st, I decided to teach myself to become a runner. I've never been one for long distance running, or running in general, but we acquired a treadmill, so I had no excuse not to try. I started at a run/walk with a 17-minute mile. After a week, I got up to just over a 15-minute mile, and today I managed just over a 14-minute mile. Not bad, considering I've only been at it for a little over a week. As much as I hated running when I was younger, I don't mind it so much now. I feel really good afterwards, and I think it's the boost my body needed. The husband wants me to sign up for the Shamrock Shuffle which is at the end of March and run with him , but I don't think I'm ready to run an 8k yet. Maybe next year.

Monday, January 11, 2010


"I’ve no sorrow
If I’m glad, oh! let me show it

Did you see those birds take flight?
She opened her hand and they flew across the room"

- electrelane, two for joy -

I ordered a Diana lens a few weeks ago, but I was sent a Telephoto which I did not want. I wanted the 38mm. So it finally arrived today. By the time I had time to play with it, the sun was already down, so I had to try it out with indoor light. It's much easier to use than the telephoto. I took the picture on the left with my 50mm, and the picture on the right is with the Diana lens. I'm curious what I will be able to do with this in sunlight.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


"so shut shut shut your eyes
it sounds so good right now
and came up a big surprise
ooh ooh"

- shout out louds, shut your eyes -

I don't really have anything to write about today. Just been having a low-key Sunday here in Chicago.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


"I'll be over there
you stand here
she's got pretty hair
you stand here
on a double dare
you stand here
then they'll know
that you're grown up- when you're gone"

- dressy bessy, you stand here -

Far too much snow and way too cold to actually go outside in these shoes. They'll be perfect for spring. If only it was right around the corner.

Friday, January 08, 2010


"if you come up the stairs, you'll come back forever
summer's in the house, how untamed it was
walking with thee
walking with thee
walking with thee
walking with thee"

- clinic, walking with thee -

The shoes were all lined up on the stairs as a reminder to take them up to our bedroom, but there was something about them just being lined up that made me think of them climbing up on their own.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


"Every minute that you go
I hope you never know
Like a razor in the snow"

- longpigs, in the snow -

Woke up this morning to a lot of snow outside. The weather people reported a big snowstorm in Chicago, but we didn't know if it would actually hit. How often are the weather people actually right? I didn't have anywhere to be, so I didn't mind it at all. The snow is still falling, and I think we will get more tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


"I think I might blow your poor house down
I think you've been hiding there too long
the poor....sick thing"

- the owls, do ya -

I bought these prints at The Young Blood Gallery in Atlanta back in October. They sat unframed for a couple of months. Today I finally decided to go buy frames. They fit perfectly, and now hang in our dining room next to our The National gig flyer.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


"I look inside myself and see my heart is black
I see my red door and must have it painted black
Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
It's not easy facin' up when your whole world is black"

- the rolling stones, paint it black -
currently listening to the feelies version

Went to breakfast this morning with the husband and daughter. It's been several months since we've actually gone out for breakfast. We used to go all the time, and now rarely go at all. John needed to get new bass strings so we went to Guitar Center after breakfast. I already have a really nice guitar, but saw the cutest Daisy Rock guitar, and a pretty cool plastic Danelectro. If Kenzie was a few years older, I would have bought one for her. As it is, 18 months old is a little young for a guitar.

Came home and decided I needed to paint my nails. Not quite black, but almost.

Monday, January 04, 2010


"No, I want to wait for someone like you
No, I want to wait for someone like you
To make my life so dynamite
Ah ah ah ah ah ah
Turn this dark life into light
Ah ah ah ah ah ah
Make my world so shiny bright
Ah ah ah ah ah ah

You got me burning both ways
Ima explode!"

- ima robot, dynomite -

We headed out to the suburbs today to visit with John's parents and have lunch with them. John is off for another week before he starts his new job. I snapped a couple of photos today while we were driving around, but I liked this one the best. I have one other I considered using for the 365 picture, but decided on this one instead.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


"Our aspirations are wrapped up in books
Our inclinations are hidden in looks"

- belle & sebastian, wrapped up in books -

This is just a small collection of Kenzie's books. She loves books, and "reads" them a lot. Of course, this means that all of her books that are in the book bin in the living room tend to be all over the floor at least once a day. This also means that all of the books on her bookshelves in her room usually end up all over the floor too. I've considered limiting her access to the books, but she loves them and I don't want to deny her the chance to look at the pictures. Especially since it really makes her happy.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


"...You buy me a soda
You buy me a soda
You buy me a soda..."

- the pixies, bone machine -

We headed out to the suburbs of Chicago today to go to Ikea. John, my husband, hates Ikea...but I can't help but love it. We wanted to get some new throw pillows for the living room and get a new changing table for the living room so we could put the "baby jail" away. We got 5 throw pillows, a kid's table for Kenzie's room, a new changing table, a cheapy potty, a bathmat for the tub, and some new toddler food bowls for around $170. Not bad for a day of shopping in the freezing cold.

Friday, January 01, 2010


"Now the camera machine it flaps like a dove
While the satellite beams down from above
Now the program is called and reaches the end
But they’ve already got another around the next bend

Head erased (101101)
Head erased (101101)
Head erased (101101)
Head erased (101101)"

- greenlight, head erased (10110) -

Day one of Project 365. I've wanted to do this for awhile, and decided that 2010 was the year to do it. We had our annual New Year's Eve party last night. Though we scaled it back, we still had tons of food and I was up until after 3:00 a.m. With a 17.5 month old baby, I figured I wouldn't get much sleep, but did manage to sleep in until almost 10:00 a.m., so not too bad. Since I did most of the clean up last night, things today weren't so bad.

So onto another year. Hopefully this will be a good year. Let's get it started off right.

* song selection - this was a song by my first band. you can listen to it on iTunes. since today is 1/01/10, the title of this song worked out well. *