Tuesday, May 31, 2011


151/365:2 by daisy plus three
151/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

new custom toe guards from derby vixen

based on my tattoo which is based on a design by hero design studio.

Monday, May 30, 2011


150/365:2 by daisy plus three
150/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

oz park
chicago, il
we had a low-key day. we grilled some burgers, and made some tasty asparagus with green garlic as a side dish. after we let our food settle we decided to go out and get some ice cream. we went to Margie's Candies first, but the wait was 20 minutes just to put the order in. we decided to head over to Dairy Queen instead. we just got a couple of cones and then went to Oz Park. once Kenzie saw there was a playground she didn't care about ice cream anymore. we let her play for about 20 minutes before heading home. it was a good end to the long weekend.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


149/365:2 by daisy plus three
149/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

The crib mattress was officially lowered today. Aubrey is pretty strong already and I have a feeling she will be pulling herself up sooner rather than later. After I was finished getting the crib back in order, Kenzie wanted me to take her photo. This was the best of the bunch, since the others were too blurry from the lack of sunlight and lighting. It was pouring down rain and looked like it was evening outside.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


148/365:2 by daisy plus three
148/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Unfortunately, this was my only photo from today. We went to a bbq at our friends' apartment tonight. At first we were hesistant to go having to take the kids, but they were pretty good and there were several people there who were more than entertained by them. We stayed a lot longer than initially intended since the kids were good. I knew by the time we got home, Kenzie would be asleep in the car. She looked so cute with her hands across her lap like this, I had to take a photo.


147/365:2 by daisy plus three
147/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

bird candle holders
John had the day off so we went to go check out some lighting options for our dining room. Afterwards we headed to CB2 to look around. We bought these votive holders, a couple of FLOR tiles to mix in with our existing FLOR rug, and a new lamp for the living room.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


146/365:2 by daisy plus three
146/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

creamy spring asparagus soup
topped with fresh chives and focaccia bread crumbs
it was definitely more green in color and much tastier than the photo might suggest. mmm...definitely going to make this again, but might have to make it a double.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


145/365:2 by daisy plus three
145/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I had no ideas for photos today, so decided to take a quick shot of one of the Blythe dolls from my collection. It's a little blurry, but I liked it anyway.

It was a really rainy morning today. The kind of morning where you just want to stay in bed and sleep. And I did just that, until I finally had to get up sometime around 9:30. Lucky for me, John was home later this morning and fed Kenzie and kept her entertained for awhile. Aubrey is just a good little sleeper and was sleeping in too. The sun came out in the afternoon for awhile, but in the evening it started pouring down rain again. I'm hoping it clears up tomorrow, but the forecast doesn't look so good.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


144/365:2 by daisy plus three
144/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

fresh avocado
arugula with croutons and lite caesar dressing
tomato foccaccia bread

143/365:2 /// 232/365

Day 231
I spy two little teeth. I'm pretty sure she has more teeth coming in since she's been a little fussy with the bottle lately, and is chewing on anything she get in her mouth.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

142/365:2 /// 230/365

Day 230

Looks like we're going to have to lower the mattress! She hasn't pulled herself up yet, but if she can do this, I don't want her pulling herself up and falling over the side.
We went to a graduation lunch today for my cousin. She graduated from college a few weeks ago. We ate so much we didn't need to eat dinner. The food was delicious, so we're making a mental note to definitely go back if we're ever up on the northside.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


141/365:2 by daisy plus three
141/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

the peggy notebaert nature museum
kenzie petting a rat...eww. she has no fear sometimes. however, a spider on the wall, a fly flying around, or an ant crawling and she freaks out.

we went to the museum for about an hour today. we had a groupon that we needed to get activated for a membership, and since it was kind of a dreary day it was the perfect day to go and use it.

in the evening we headed over to the UIC Pavillion for the roller derby. it was a little chaotic at first, with some confusion with our tickets, as well as kenzie being kind of crabby. after she had some popcorn and a giant pretzel everything went much better.

Friday, May 20, 2011


140/365:2 by daisy plus three
140/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

fun at the playground
The slides are probably Kenzie's favorite thing at most playgrounds. This particular playground has three different slides. One for the little kids, this one which is a little bigger and the biggest one has the tunnel thing over it. She has fun when we're there. Unfortunately, there are no trees at this park that provide shade. There are two small trees, but they don't really offer any shade unless you sit right under it. I need to remember that on hot days, this might not be the best playground to go to, especially since Aubrey is too small to play (and there are no swings!) so I have to carry her around in the sling the entire time. I forgot her hat today, so I was shielding her head the entire time from the sun. Both kids seem to be free of sunburn, but I got a little bit of one. I better wear sunscreen next time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


139/365:2 by daisy plus three
139/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

She is getting closer to crawling. For awhile she was rolling over and scooting backwards to get across the room. Now she is definitely starting to pull herself forward. She gets onto all fours, but hasn't quite figured out how to make her arms and legs work together to move forward. She is strong though, and I think she will be crawling soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

138/365:2 /// Week 20 of 52

Ugglebo Swedish clogs
I saw a pair of these in a photo here on flickr and immediately fell in love with them. So needless to say I had to order my own pair. They just arrived today, and are a tad tight, which according to the postcard that came with them this is perfectly normal. I'm already used to walking on wooden soles, as I have a couple of pairs. Now I just need to break the leather in. These fit a little more narrow than I was expecting, but I'm hoping once the leather gives a little they'll be perfect.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


137/365:2 by daisy plus three
137/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

"You've been away for so long
You can't ask why
You've been away
You can't ask why
You can't ask why"

- swervedriver, duel -

John's in Atlanta for the Microsoft TechEd 2011 Conference. So I'm a single momma for a few days. Fortunately, a couple of our friends volunteered to watch the girls last night so I could go to derby. It was also a nice little break to get out for a few hours and have adult conversation with no kids around. Today me and the girls had to head out and get our produce from the weekly produce share. On our way home, we got stopped by the train so I snapped a photo. The day was pretty low-key...exercise, dog walking, produce pick up, and board games with Kenzie. She doesn't quite understand how to play games the way they are meant to be played, but she had fun anyway. She keeps talking about Daddy being on an airplane, and will occasionally look out the window and say "I don't see Daddy." Just a couple more days, then he'll be home.

Monday, May 16, 2011


136/365:2 by daisy plus three
136/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Another sock shot on a Monday, so it must be derby night. One more roller derby class this session then onto summer session. I'm moving up to intermediate for the summer, which will be more of a challenge. I think I'm ready for the challenge. No matter what, I just need to keep skating, and taking advantage of skating outdoors or at a rink whenever possible.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

135/365:2 /// 221/365

Day 222
soooo close to crawling.
She was pushing herself up onto her hands and knees, but still isn't crawling forward. She is close though. If she has something that she is pushed up against (crib, ottoman, or other furniture) she tries to go forward by pushing against whatever it is she is next to. If nothing is behind her, she scoots backwards. She's definitely trying to get up on all fours to move forward though. She almost crawled forward tonight, so I have a feeling it is going to happen soon.


134/365:2 by daisy plus three
134/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

after wanting to get kindle for awhile now, I finally got one. I debated between the Nook, an iPad, or a pc tablet. For what I wanted to use it for, the kindle was the best best. I really only want to use it for reading. I have a laptop, so if I really want to do more than reading in other parts of the house, I can just use my laptop. I already use my phone for checking e-mail and facebook throughout the day when I'm not near the computer. The Nook had me interested simply because it's in color, but the price was higher. An iPad, though it would be fun, would basically be like using a bigger version of my phone, and I'd basically be paying $500+ to read facebook and play 'words with friends'...oh yeah, and read books. Same with a tablet. The cheapest I saw was around $550. Sure I would have an entire computer at my fingertips, but again, I already have a laptop. And the tablet is heavier, and I'd be more worried about dropping it and having something happen to it. So for a much more reasonable price, I got the kindle. Because seriously, all I want to be able to do is read and buy books. I wanted something lightweight, and if one of the kids knocks it out of my hands, it will probably be more likely to survive than any of the other choices.

I really wish I didn't wait so long to buy this. It's so nice being able to click and buy a book and read it instantly. I'm already more than halfway through this book that I started last night. It helps that I can read while feeding Aubrey, and while having breakfast or lunch or dinner. So much easier to do with this than having to turn pages or keep a book propped open. I might become a reading addict like I was back before kids and when I was working.

Friday, May 13, 2011

132/365:2 | new hairs

asymetrical a-line bob
I had been deciding whether to keep growing my hair out or to just cut it again. I always get to about the same length before I decide to cut it and go shorter again. I hate the lack of style that I get to, and my hair is thick and heavy, so it gets really flat and unflattering when it gets longer. It had been over 7 months since I was last in for a cut and style, and after this hot, humid weather we had this week, I was really glad I decided to just get it all chopped off. It's slightly longer on one side (intentionally) and is pretty closely cut in the back. So Much Cooler for this hot weather...and So Much More Stylish than what I had going on before. I don't know why I always think I want to grow it, when I always like the outcome after I get it cut again.


133/365:2 by daisy plus three
133/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Just another flower related photo for the 365. There were tons of dandelions at the park today. It was overcast and looked like it was going to rain most of the day today, but then it never did. I'm really tired of the incorrect weather reports I keep seeing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


131/365:2 by daisy plus three
131/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

"I will never know
cause you will never show
come on and love me now
come on and love me now"

- the cardigans, carnival -

I'm glad I took this photo when I was out earlier in the day. Since then, a big storm came through and a lot of the flowers were blown from the tree. They now cover the sidewalk.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


130/365:2 by daisy plus three
130/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I ordered some vegan mineral pigment eye shadows from a shop on etsy last week and they arrived yesterday. The colors are really vibrant and really easy to blend and work with. So fun.

of course, the processing on these photos doesn't really show the color well. I'll try again another day.

Monday, May 09, 2011


129/365:2 by daisy plus three
129/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

flowers on the trees at the park
It was another beautiful day today. I kept hearing it was going to rain, but we haven't had anything apart from a few sprinkles this afternoon. It looks like any rain we were supposed to get has moved on for the time being. I'm hoping that the forecast for the rest of the week is wrong, since it looks like rain over the weekend, which would mean no skating for the Walk and Roll. Part of why we do the 10 mile skate the week before is so that we can count it as our skate if we get bad weather since it's a rain or shine kind of thing. We didn't raise all that money for nothing!

Sunday, May 08, 2011


128/365:2 by daisy plus three
128/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Mother's Day 2011
Last year and the year before, our photo was just John, Kenzie and myself (of course, Aubrey was technically in last year's photo...just not where anyone could see her.). This year it's the four of us. My dad snapped these for me, since I didn't set the tripod up.

It was a beautiful day in the city. In the morning, I went for a 10-mile skate as part of the Derby Lite Mothers and Others lakefront skate. I went with my friend Erica and met up with 16 other derby ladies. It was tons of fun. Afterwards, my parents came by to visit, and John and my dad went out to pick up the new dining room table we bought yesterday. It didn't fit in our car, so luckily it fit in their car. We did some furniture rearranging, which just makes the room look so much better. Then we grilled some food, and ate at the new table. It was a pretty nice day.

* for the record, I like rearranging furniture, and since it was Mother's Day, John could not complain about it. ;) *

Saturday, May 07, 2011


127/365:2 by daisy plus three
127/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

We had to take a photo by the "2" since Kenzie only has a few months left in the two's. She was pretty excited to see the "big two".

Friday, May 06, 2011


126/365:2 by daisy plus three
126/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Somewhat productive day. Both kids got baths in the morning (lately I've been trying to get Kenzie's in at night, but it was easier to do it this morning). Did a little toy organization in Kenzie's room afterwards, and managed to get a little photoshoot done with Aubrey since she turned 7 months old yesterday. We went to dinner with some friends tonight in Greektown, then came back to the house with our friends. The men went to the basement to play some music. I joined them for just a little bit, then decided I needed to get some photos edited before bed.

Thursday, May 05, 2011


125/365:2 by daisy plus three
125/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

works in progress
The past few days I've been busy with some serious Spring cleaning, but last night I got motivated to work on more baby booties for both etsy and for some custom orders. I cut the fabrics out last night for five pairs, and managed to get them all sewn today. I still have the finishing work (buttons, closures, etc.) left to do, but they are almost finished. It was nice being able to get so many pairs nearly finished. I really was anticipating lots of distractions from the kids and maybe only getting one or two pairs finished. I really need to try and set aside time every few weeks to do this. A friend of mine is a nurse in the maternity ward of a prominent hospital here in Chicago and she said she would love to spread the word about my booties. It would be great for me, as long as I can juggle the kids and my crafting at the same time. I think it can be done. I just need to get myself focused and stop procrastinating.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


124/365:2 by daisy plus three
124/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I'm sort of addicted to foursquare and ousted Eric M. today from Columbus Plaza. Now I just need to make sure I remember to check in whenever I'm here to get myself ahead so no one steals my mayorship anytime soon. I'm a dork.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


123/365:2 by daisy plus three
123/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

The spring/summer produce share just started today at Green Grocer, so we headed out to pick up our produce this evening. It looks like this is opening just across the street. I've never had the pasta, but from what I've read from Green Grocer customers it's good.

Monday, May 02, 2011


122/365:2 by daisy plus three
122/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Currently listening to:

artist: The Farm
song: Groovy Train


Did some housework in the morning, then took a nice 2 mile walk with the kids and dog. There were tons of dandelions in the empty field by the park. Zoe kept pulling her leash to try and eat them.

I had derby practice tonight. It was my first night wearing my new skates, since I missed last week. They still need a little getting used to, but I really like them. We did some one knee drop drills. I did pretty awesome for the first half of the drill, then just couldn't get my footing right and couldn't get the second half done. oh well. I also found that I was pretty sore from skating outdoors on the lakefront path on Friday and then another 2 hours at the rink yesterday. Too much working out, or I'm just getting old.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


121/365:2 by daisy plus three
121/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Aubrey and I just relaxing and watching The Amazing Race.

The last few nights/mornings we haven't really been sleeping well. A few nights ago, Aubrey was up several times throughout the night. Getting her to sleep has been pretty hard lately too. On top of that, Kenzie has been waking up really early and today was up around 6:00. She crawled into our bed and slept for another half hour or so before she decided it was time to wake up. I already had plans to go skating this morning, but I sure wished I could have slept in a little longer.

I went skating and tried out my new skates for the first time other than in the house. It took some getting used to, but once I was used to them they felt great. I worked on my crossovers and really think I have figured out how to do them. They're a lot of fun when you get the hang of it. After two hours of skating, I came home and we ran some errands. By the time we were done with everything I just wanted to sit down, put my feet up and relax. It was pretty nice Sunday, even though it was tiring.

120/365:2 /// 206/365

Day 207
We had to head out to the suburbs for a 1st communion party for John's sister's oldest son. We were there most of the afternoon and into the evening. Kenzie had fun playing with the kids that were there, and Aubrey seemed to have fun watching all the kids play. After we got home, my brother stopped by with his new puppy, so that his dog could meet ours. They got along pretty nicely, which was good. Kenzie had fun seeing the puppy again, and getting to see Uncle Monkey on his birthday.