Saturday, December 31, 2011


361/365:2 by daisy plus three
361/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

art institute of chicago

Thursday, December 29, 2011


360/365:2 by daisy plus three
360/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

lincoln park zoo
chicago, il
we took advantage of the nice weather and walked around the zoo for a little bit with the kids. it was a much better experience than the night we went to try and see Santa.


359/365:2 by daisy plus three
359/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Skills assessments were last night to see if I passed to get to DL:O. I don't want to jinx it, but I thought I did pretty well. I gave it my all, and did my best. Now I just have to wait and see what my critique says.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


358/365:2 by daisy plus three
358/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

little owl


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357/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Christmas morning

Saturday, December 24, 2011


356/365:2 by daisy plus three
356/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I have more photos that I took earlier today, but I'll probably get those uploaded after the holiday.

This was taken on our chaotic drive out to the in-laws for Christmas Eve dinner.

Friday, December 23, 2011


355/365:2 by daisy plus three
355/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Incredibooth holiday fun / gnome
I like gnomes, so this is pretty much perfect for me.

I cannot believe Christmas is *technically* tomorrow. (it's late as I type this, after midnight). It really has not felt like the holiday season. We've had warm weather for this time of year, and as much as I dislike snow, I sort of wish we would get a little this weekend. Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas without a little bit of snow around here.


354/365:2 by daisy plus three
354/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I forgot to take any photos yesterday, but before it was too late I did snap this.

I found out earlier in the day that a girl I worked with at my last job passed away after losing her battle with cancer. She was only 36 years old and has a little boy who turns 2 in January. I hadn't seen her in a very long time, and I knew she was sick, but it really took me by surprise. I just feel terrible for her family. Losing someone is hard no matter what time of year, but I think around the holidays is even harder.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


353/365:2 by daisy plus three
353/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

So you might notice there is only one child in this photo. ONE child. You may remember that I have TWO. Kenzie was excited all day long about going to the zoo and to see Santa. She wouldn't nap, which was problem #1. Then she fell asleep in the car, which was problem #2. We only brought the small stroller to push Aubrey, since Kenzie always wants to walk when we are at the zoo, which ended up being problem #3.

It all started as soon as Kenzie got out of the car and saw that Aubrey was in the stroller. John ended up carrying Kenzie, and everytime he put her down...waterworks. we went to the lion house to see Santa. You'd think she would have been excited. Nope, she was crabby, crabby, crabby while we stood in line. I decided to let Aubrey out of the stroller, and Kenzie immediately sat in it. By the time we got to the front to see Santa she would not budge and was having a tantrum about getting out of the stroller to see Santa. I think everyone thought she was scared of Santa, but I don't think that was it at all. There was nothing we could do to get her to go sit on Santa's lap, so we just put Aubrey there with him. I thought for sure Aubrey was going to be the one who freaked out, but she was just fine. So I have a photo of ONE of my children with Santa.

Needless to say we were pretty disappointed with the outcome and didn't really feel in the mood to walk much more around the zoo. Kenzie was super crabby, so we just walked around the entrance area and left. Maybe next year will be better.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


352/365:2 by daisy plus three
352/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

kookaburra play cafe
We had a playdate at Kookaburra Play Cafe with Lily and her mom this morning. I had never been there before, so I had no idea what to expect. It was a really cool place and a great way to let the kids burn off some extra energy. I have a feeling we may be here quite a bit throughout the winter, since it's basically an indoor playground that also has a little cafe where parents can grab some coffee and have a seat while the kids play. There is the larger play area for bigger kids, and a smaller area with toys more suited for babies. There is even an art room in the back where kids can do art projects. The concept of this place was really great, and I'm glad I had a chance to go and check it out. The kids really enjoyed it too. Kenzie was already asking to go back.


351/365:2 by daisy plus three
351/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

kookaburra play cafe


350/365:2 by daisy plus three
350/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

365 shot for December 18th

Saturday, December 17, 2011


349/365:2 by daisy plus three
349/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I'm having fun with the new Hipstamatic Disposable camera app on my phone. You can't see your shots until you finish a "roll" of 24 photos. Needless to say, I went through those shots fast.

Friday, December 16, 2011


348/365:2 by daisy plus three
348/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

ugglebo clogs in mustard yellow
mustard yellow tights from target
I really should consider starting to wrap some Christmas gifts, but I don't know where I'd keep it hidden from the kids if I did have it wrapped. I think I'll be up late on Christmas Eve wrapping presents.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


347/365:2 by daisy plus three
347/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

view from the post office
I was finally dropping off holiday cards in the mail. I say finally because I've had them since last week, but didn't get stamps until earlier this week. Then everytime I went out I would forget to bring the cards with to drop in the mail. Today I made a special trip to the post office to get them dropped off.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


346/365:2 by daisy plus three
346/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

A few weeks ago I read a blog post about the love of finding the perfect red lipstick. I haven't bought a red lipstick in a long time (at least not a shade I loved), so I decided to go for it and get a new red. Several comments on the blog post were about the M.A.C. Russian Red, and it definitely seemed like a shade of red that I would like. I bought that and the limited edition Wonder Woman red lipgloss (because it's Wonder Woman, duh!). I honestly thought I'd wear the gloss more often, but I have been wearing the lipstick a lot and am really loving it. Now that I darkened my hair again, I'm loving wearing red even more.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


345/365:2 by daisy plus three
345/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

playing together
It's so rare that they play together without someone fighting over something. They only played for a few minutes, but there was no crying or fighting while it lasted.


344/365:2 by daisy plus three
344/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I went to a jumping clinic last night for roller derby. It was a class called Leaping Lizards and was lead by Karmageddon of the Windy City Rollers. I went to this class over the summer and had a lot of fun. I'm not a great jumper on skates, but it's good to learn the technique. With practice, I can only get better. I was definitely better for the off skate portion than I was last time. On skate, I was a lot better too. At least with the two footed jumps. I only fell once, and it was a slow one knee drop, so not much of a fall. I still can't get the hang of the 180 turn around jump (ref jump), but I guess with time and practice it will happen. 90 degrees, got that, but not the full turn around. One footed jumps are still tricky, but at least I tried my best.

Overall, it was a fun class, and I'm glad I went. Saturday, I'll be going to another clinic with Flava Dave. It's his Stability class. I've heard good things about this class and have yet to attend, so I'm definitely not missing this one.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


343/365:2 by daisy plus three
343/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I took the pacifier from her right after I snapped this photo. Then she cried and wanted it back.


342/365:2 by daisy plus three
342/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I don't post too many photos of Zoe, so this is my photo for the day.

this is for saturday, december 10th.


341/365:2 by daisy plus three
341/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

annual holiday dinner with friends at morton's.

this photo is for friday, december 9th

Thursday, December 08, 2011


340/365:2 by daisy plus three
340/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

just a quick shot of me wearing my new boygirlparty t-shirt from etsy. I love her designs.


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339/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

The last night of the fall session for Derby Lite was last night. It was fun. There are some skate clinics coming up this month, but regular practices won't start up again until January. What the heck am I going to do without my weekly skating and break from the kids?

This is my photo for Wednesday, December 7th.


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338/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

Wow, I got behind on uploading photos.

This is from Tuesday, December 6th.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


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337/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

photo from yesterday. just catching up. still need to do today's photo.

Sunday, December 04, 2011


336/365:2 by daisy plus three
336/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

It's been a few days since I posted any photos of the kids, so I thought I better try to snap a couple today. Of course, they are iPhone photos...again...but it's better than nothing!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

335/365:2 /// Week 49 of 52

steve madden boots
This morning was another opportunity to do action shots for Derby Lite. The last time they had it was a few weeks ago and I was pretty sick. I went, but was really unhappy with my photos. This time I felt much better, and my photos turned out much better. Afterwards was practice, and we did some fun drills (whip me/push me, relay races, fast paceline with suicide race, jammer/pack drills, and backwards skating). It was a loaded practice, and lots of fun.

Friday, December 02, 2011


334/365:2 by daisy plus three
334/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I had the chance to meet up with the lovely Erin today for lunch. We've been flickr/facebook friends for awhile now, and have only just managed to meet up now. It was so nice to meet up, and she was just as friendly, funny and lovely in person as I thought she would be. The girls were with me, and Kenzie was her usually social butterfly self. Aubrey was a bit crabbier than I expected her to be. I think she just wanted to run free and not be strapped in a chair. All in all, it was a great meet-up. Looking forward to catching up with you again, Erin!

Thursday, December 01, 2011


333/365:2 by daisy plus three
333/365:2, a photo by daisy plus three on Flickr.

I bought a new retro look clock for the kitchen, so that lead to me rehanging some art in the kitchen. These framed albums were in the basement, unused, so I brought them upstairs and decided to hang them into this square shape to allow for the clock to balance it out. It works well, and is such a nice change from what was hanging on that wall before.

p.s. it annoys me that this is slightly off center, but this one looked better than the other two I took.